Guard against Infection with InfectionGard®

Guards against infection in hundreds of homes and businesses every day. Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and pathogens. Refillable, Non-Toxic and Alcohol-Free.

Why InfectionGard®?

Our products have been specifically designed to eradicate some of the most difficult and prevalent contaminants known to man, including the most virulent bacterium, viruses, fungicides, moulds and spores. Our broad spectrum sanitiser is proven to be effective against Corona viruses, Influenza, Norovirus, E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and more.

Our exclusive range of biocides are completely harmless to humans, animals, plant life and the environment and can safely be handled and disposed of without risk to users, patients, customers, guests or visitors. What’s more, our patent pending range of dry misting machines, have been specifically designed to eliminate up to 99.9999% of all airborne and surface pathogens in any room, vehicle or public space, by delivering minute particles of mist, which sanitise the air and all surfaces, including those areas which are difficult or impossible to reach.

  • Effective against Corona Viruses, Influenza, Norovirus, e-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and More
  • Completely Harmless to Humans, Animals, Plants and the Environment
  • No need for PPE
  • Eliminate up to 99.9999% of all airborne and surface pathogens in under 30 seconds contact time
  • Non-Toxic Range
  • Alcohol Free - Kind to skin
  • Used daily by the NHS

Surface, Air and Hand sanitiser

At InfectionGard, we are passionate about protecting people, pets, plants and the planet!  Instead of buying multiple bottles of toxic chemicals from your retailer, why not replace them with InfectionGard - 3 in 1 Product.

InfectionGard can safely be used to kill up to 99.9999% of germs on skin, surfaces and in the air.

What does it mean to kill up to 99.9999%?

It's now common to see manufacturers of disinfectants and sanitising products claim that their products kill, 99%, 99.9%, or even 99.99% of germs. For those who know this stuff that represents what’s known as a Log Reduction of Log 2, Log 3 or Log 4 respectively. But what does this actually mean for the you?

From the outside 99.9% seems pretty effective. But, is it really?

Log Kill rates indicate the efficacy or efficiency of the product. This term comes from the logarithm scale which is used to indicate a percentage kill rate. With every step, the number of pathogens (germs to you and I) present is reduced by 90%.

Bacteria, viruses and other cells grow by multiplying – usually doubling in as little as every 20 minutes, in ideal conditions. Therefore, if the reduction isn't at an optimum level, pathogens can grow very quickly, meaning the area requires treatment more often and will carry a greater risk of cross-infection.

All of our products are independently tested in accredited labs and have been proven to achieve up to 6-log reduction or 99.9999% kill rate of all categories of germs.

What’s more, most people are unaware that many of the leading disinfectants and sanitisers are ineffective against certain types of pathogen. Alcohol sanitisers for example don’t work on every type of virus and don’t work at all against spores! And, with frequent use they dry up skin, leading to cracked and painful conditions.

InfectionGard however, works against all types of pathogen, is alcohol-free, non- toxic, non hazardous, not harmful to humans, animals or the environment. Oh and did we mention that it is vegan friendly, Halal accredited and has no COSHH (health and safety implications!)

Starting with one million bacteria:

  • 1-log reduction (90%) would bring this level down by 90%, leaving 100,000 bacteria
  • 2-log reduction (99%) would reduce this by 99% leaving 10,000 bacteria
  • 3-log reduction (99.9%) would reduce this by 99.9% leaving 1,000 bacteria
  • 4-log reduction (99.99%) would reduce this by 99.99% leaving 100 bacteria
  • 5-log reduction (99.999%) would reduce this by 99.999% leaving 10 bacteria
  • InfectionGard 6-log reduction (99.9999%) would reduce this by 99.9999% leaving 1 pathogen

InfectionGard Sanitiser meets or exceeds the following British and EU Standards:

BS EN 1040, BS EN 1275, BS EN 1276, BS EN 14476, BS EN 16777, BS EN 13697, NF T 72-281